zoology and religion.

The author is the first speaker of the book. He seems patient, witty, and intellectual. Martel’s descriptive language shows that he is a deep thinker. 2. The story the author hears about Pi supposedly will make him believe in God. Chapter 1 3. Mr. Patel’s two majors in college are zoology and religion. Pi explains how such a beautiful miracles of life, such as the three toed sloth, remind him of God. Chapter 2 4. Chapter is a short chapter that’s sole purpose is to describe Pi. The chapter hints Pi’s simplicity. Chapter 3 5. Mr. Patel states that the pool is more formal and a “boring flatness. On the contrary, he finds the beach to be very enjoyable.

Our narrator was named after the Piscine Moniter- the only that ever made Mamaji fall silent in awe. Chapter 4 7. Piscine says that the only two things important to wild animals are the avoidance of enemies and getting food and water. 8. Piscine thinks that animals are better off in a zoo. Pi defends the zoo and attacks the common belief that wild animals are free, whereas captive animals are “unfree. ” He explains that freedom in the wild is a myth, and that animals are restricted by their survival needs and instinct.

In changing his own name, Pi shows us that he is independent, serious, and possible self-conscious. Chapter 6 10. The author is speaking in this chapter, once again describing Pi. 11. The author notes that Pi’s cupboards are packed with a reserve of food. Chapter 7 12. Pi relates Mr. Kumar’s body to a geometric figure. He also describes how he came about his atheism. 13. Mr. Kumar loves comes to the zoo so often to confirm his belief that everything is in order without God. 14. Pi believes that atheists are just from a different faith.

Pi practices several deferent religions. Chapter 16 21. Pi claims that his heart commands that his heart commands him to be Hindu, and that he feels at home in the Hindu temple. The universe makes sense to him through Hindu eyes. Chapter 17 22. It irritates Pi that God would let his son die. 23. At first, Pi was worried of being rejected, and felt out of place. The second time he entered the Catholic Church he entered without fear, for he knew that it was his house as well. 24. Pi likes that “Christianity is a religion in a rush. ” Chapter 18 25. Pi was born Hindu.

He was introduced to Christianity when he visited the Catholic Church in Munnar through Father Martin’s stories. While exploring Pondicherry, Pi finds a Muslim bakery where he is introduced to Islam. Pi watches the Muslim baker pray, and later returns to the bakery and asks Mr. Kumar (the baker) about Islam, which he finds beautiful. 26. The humorous scene is when the baker surprises Pi. Chapter 19 27. Pi enjoys praying in the mosque because it’s an open construction to God and the breeze. Pi claims to feel immediate religious contact when praying in the mosque. Chapter 20 28.

Pi feels that the finest reward is the presence of God. 29. The two intensely religious experiences Pi describes in this chapter are when he was on the way back from the bakery and felt as if he were in heaven. A second time Pi felt an intense connection with God was in Canada, when pi was a clearing in the woods. When the snow fell down from a branch, Pi believed he saw the Virgin Mary. The significance of both these scenes is that Pi feels connections with God in both Islam and Christianity. Chapter 21 30. The author is writing this passage. He has just spent a majority of the afternoon with Pi.

This chapter summarizes the author’s feelings about what Pi has taught him. Chapter 22 31. Pi respects atheists because they stay true to their beliefs. Whereas agnostics only have doubt. Chapter 23 32. Pi is scared because his parents, who previously were unaware of his religious practices, were there. 33. All three “wise men” share very different views on who God is and how to go about worshiping him. 34. *Chart* Chapter 25 35. Pi changed churches, no longer lingered after Friday prayer, and only went to temple at crowded times. Chapter 26 36. Both Islam and Christianity claim Abraham as theirs.

Muslims say that the God of Hebrews and Christians is the same as the God of the Muslims. They also recognize David, Moses and Jesus as prophets. 37. Pi compares religion to passports. Chapter 27 38. Pi’s father is confused because they are such a modern family. Chapter 28 39. Pi is baptized and receives a prayer rug. 40. That he is very opinionated about religion. Chapter 30 41. Pi’s surprise for the author is that he has a wife. Pi kept this a secret because he is a shy man who’s been taught “not to show off what’s most precious to him” Chapter 31 42. Pi is worried when Mr.Kumar, the baker, asks to see the zoo because he doesn’t think he’ll recognize him.

This symbolizes that both Muslims and all believers in God for that matter, along with atheists can have similar interests. 44. The baker states “what a wonderful creature,” whereas the teacher describes the Zebra as “The Rolls-Royce of equips. ” Chapter 33 45. We can infer that Richard Parker is not a human. 46. Pi states that the worst part is that he can hardly remember what his mother looks like. 47. We find out that Pi’s mother has died. Chapter 35 48. Pi is sixteen years old when he and his family move to Canada.

Chapter 36 49. The narrator is surprised that Pi has two children. 50. The writer needs to say this because in Part two the story becomes much more depressing. Chapter 37 51. Pi pushes Richard Parker away because he realizes that they will have to be together on a lifeboat if Richard Parker is saved. Pi would want this in the first place because the other animals are dead, and seeing the only living one left, Pi feels the need to save it. Chapter 38 52. The chapter begins describing how strong the Tsintsum was at first. Pi tells the reader how much he enjoyed himself.

This shows us how excited Pi was. Chapter 40 53. Pi doesn’t consider this fact because he is so preoccupied with holding on and staying alive that he is not thinking straight. Chapter 41 54. The tiger kills the zebra just like he had killed the goat when Pi was younger. The writer once again describes the beauty of the zebra. Chapter 43 55. Pi thinks that Orange Juice is dying of shock. 56. The hyena is the worst threat to Pi at the moment. This is because it is not injured and eats almost anything. 57. Pi describes the hyena as an ugly, disgusting creature.

He also tells the reader how dangerous it is, as it will eat almost anything. Chapter 45 58. In this chapter Pi is cautious and anxious. 59. Pi is upset by the fact that his sense of empathy is blunted by his hunger for survival. 60. The hyena does not yet attack the orangutan because it is currently focused on the zebra. Chapter 46 61. Orange Juice gets up and lets out a roar to intimidate the hyena so that it won’t eat her like it did the zebra. Chapter 47 62. This is because Pi has more humanly connections with Richard Parker and Orange Juice. Chapter 48 63.

The significance is that Richard Parkers original name was supposed to mean Thirsty. Chapter 50 64. This plots two predators which kill the zebra and orangutan. 65. Pi could remember so well because it was such an important in his life. Also, he could be changing the story, especially because the dimensions were most likely not the first thing on his mind. Chapter 53 66. What upsets Pi more than the fact that he is going to die is that his death is oncoming and with time to spare. Pi is even more upset that his happiness and the happiness that might have been his will be gone.

The voice in his heard turns Pi’s outlook around. Pi says he discovered oppressed sadness when he started to give up on life. Chapter 56 68. Pi considers “life’s opponent” is fear. He believes that fear attacks and rots your whole body, therefore weakening you. Chapter 57 69. The benefit is that Richard Parker pushed Pi to stay alive, and helped him to not focus on his lost family and condition. Chapter 58 70. It is important Pi forgets because he needs to focus on survival, and not concentrate on being rescued. Chapter 59 71.

Pi considers him lucky because Richard Parker is a stunning, noble creature; he makes for better companionship rather than a silly or ugly animal. 72. No, Pi is not alone (aside from Richard Parker); he is surrounded by a sea of life right underneath him. Chapter 61 73. Pi had trouble killing the flying fish because he was a vegetarian and the thought of killing anything made him uncomfortable. However, for the Dorado he thought himself to be a killer now. It was for Richard Parker and not for him. He had to do it so Richard parker wouldn’t go hungry and resort to eating him. Chapter 63 74.

Pi was shipwrecked for 227 days. He said he survived because he made a point of forgetting what has happened and forgetting every notion of time. Chapter 68 75. Pi and Richard Parker are like animals in a zoo. They have their territory and they live with what they have. Chapter 71 76. I believe that the most important guideline is number two. I think this because it is telling the basics of making a comfortable environment to tame a Bengal tiger, and to have some sort of protection. Chapter 72 77. Pi says that Richard Parker didn’t want to kill nor attack him because he gave warning signals using his whistle.

He also spared time to see if Pi wanted to make threats before he “attacked. ” Chapter 73 78. Pi’s greatest wish other than salvation was to have a book one that he could read over and over, but be entertained and extract new meanings, thoughts and understandings each time he read. The book would also serve well to pass the time. Chapter 74 79. Pi means that he is still worshipping God; however, he feels that God is letting him down. Chapter 75 80. Pi knew that his mother’s birthday was during his journey and estimated the day and sung Happy Birthday to her.

Pi did this because he is very close to his mother. Throughout the story it seems that Pi is mostly upset about losing his mother out of all his family. Chapter 78 81. Pi’s distress it described in this chapter as being caught up in grim opposites. Chapter 80 82. The significance of Richard Parker not fighting Pi for the Dorado is that Richard Parker recognizes Pi as his master. Chapter 81 83. One reason for Pi’s survival was that he supplied Richard Parker with food so that Richard Parker would not attack or kill him due to hunger. Chapter 82 84.

Pi is still an intellectual boy; however his intelligence now based on experience rather than on books. Chapter 83 85. According to Pi, when one is faced with continual terror they are replaced with numbness and completely give up. 86. The orange whistle is the only thing that “remain[s] between [Pi] and death” because Pi lost a lot of items in the storm, and the whistle is the only thing left that will control Richard Parker. Chapter 85 87. Pi praises Allah when he sees lightning. This is because he is happy and excited about it.